There is no experience quite as liberating as soaring through the sky at speeds of up to 125mph.
While you’re in the air, you might find that nothing else in the world matters. For the amount of time between jumping from the aircraft and your feet touching back down on the ground, you can feel invincible. There’s something about completely letting go and putting your life in the hands of a (highly qualified) stranger that can be incredibly empowering. We believe this is why we see our customers come back for more after their first time skydiving with us.

The Nottingham airfield:

  • This is one of the largest dropzones in the UK.
  • You and a qualified member of our skydiving team can jump from a height of 13,500 feet which is one of the highest jumps Skyline Skydiving offer.
  • If you choose to jump here, it will cost £295 which includes our £70 registration fee. Or, you can choose to jump for free if you fundraise £395 for one of the 3,000+ charities we work with.
  • Please note the weight and height restrictions that are in place to skydive at this airfield: 13 stone if you are 5ft4 or under, or 15 stone if you are 5ft 5 or over.
  • To remember your experience (not that you will be forgetting it any time soon), you can prebook a video and stills of your skydive for £85.
  • This airfield is open all throughout the year (weather permitting), and unlike most of the other airfields we work with, you can skydive here 7 days of the week.
There is no greater feeling than being able to overcome and conquer your fears. Scared of skydiving? Understandable!

So is everyone, but that’s no reason not to take the jump. In fact, facing the fear head on is an accomplishment you’re probably craving if you’re already on our website.

We’re yet to find someone who has regretted their dive, so don’t hesitate any further and get booked in for your skydive at Nottingham.