Whether you’re considering taking the jump for a charity or just for yourself, skydiving is possibly the most exhilarating activity you can choose to do. The anticipation of waiting on the aircraft for your time to jump and the feeling of placing your life in someone else’s hands can be an empowering one.

The adrenaline your body releases during a dive can be addictive. Conquering your fears can feel amazing. This is the natural high that skydivers talk about and this is why we see some of our customers coming back for more after their first skydive.

At the St Andrews airfield:

  • Your highly qualified instructor and you will jump, securely strapped together, from a height of 10,000 feet.
  • If you choose to jump here, it will cost £350 which includes our £70 registration fee. Or, you can choose to jump for free if you fundraise £450 for one of the 3,000+ charities we work with.
  • Please note that to skydive at this location you will need to weigh 14 stone or less for women and 15 stone or less for men. Dependant on the individuals physical fitness, their age and with height/weight being taken into consideration.
  • To remember your experience (not that you will be forgetting it any time soon), you can purchase a video of your skydive for an additional £100 or £110 for both video and pictures.
  • This airfield is open all throughout the year (weather permitting), on Saturdays/Sundays year-round, the last Monday & Tuesday of the month from April-October

Reaching speeds of 125mph will probably be the most liberating thing you will experience within your lifetime. But, after the initial freefall and once the parachute opens up, you will get to float through the sky gracefully, giving you the opportunity to take in every bit of those spectacular St Andrews views. It’s memorable moments like this that keep skydivers coming back for more.

Skydiving is truly our passion and we love what we do. You are in safe hands with our team of qualified instructors. We know that this endorphin releasing experience is one that many people have at the top of their bucket list, and Skyline Skydiving are here to help make it happen.