Why skydive?

When you tell your friends and family that you’re thinking about doing a skydive, you may well be asked ‘But why?’ Well, we understand the thrill. Whether you’re wanting to take the jump for a charitable cause that’s close to you or just do it for yourself, skydiving is possibly the most exhilarating activity you can choose to do. We welcome all thrill-seekers to our skydiving locations around the UK.

How much will I need to pay to skydive in Salisbury?

Salisbury is one of the more cost-effective airfields we work with. You can skydive here for £295. This includes our registration fee of £70. Alternatively, you can opt for fundraising for a charity which means you can skydive free-of-charge as long as you can raise £395. We work with over 3,000 charities so you can choose one with a cause you really care about.

Most of our skydivers will want a souvenir of those magical few minutes of falling through the sky. This airfield offers videos of your skydive with prices starting from an additional £130.

How fast will I be falling and what height can I jump from?

The tandem skydives we offer allow you to completely hand over control to the qualified instructor you’ll be securely strapped to. You will jump from the aircraft together and begin to fall through the sky at speeds of 125mph. Once the parachute has been opened, you will begin to glide through the air at slower speeds. Your instructor will be doing all the work, so you have no responsibilities other than taking in the breath-taking Salisbury views.

At this airfield, you can jump from a height of 13,000 feet.

Is there anything else I need to know before booking?

You can skydive here on Fridays and weekends. You will need to weigh no more than 16 stone to skydive at this location.

How do I book?

Just head to the ‘BOOK NOW’ blue button at the top of our website to get your tandem skydive finally booked in.