The beautiful Yorkshire countryside is just the place to skydive. Skyline Skydiving work with airfields in both Bridlington and Brigg, where you can Jump from heights of 10,000 feet in the sky, or more. Choosing a Yorkshire location for your tandem skydive means taking in those breath-taking coastal views as you glide back down to Earth.

Whether you’re considering a skydive for a charitable cause, you’re someone who loves extreme sports or you’re someone who is just flirting with the idea of an adrenaline-inducing jump from the sky to add some excitement to your life, we completely get it. Our experienced team of skydivers welcome all skydiving newbies or those who have tried tandem skydiving before and are back for another go. We know the endorphins released during an activity like skydiving can be a little addictive.

Skyline Skydiving offer two affordable pricing options:

  1. You can choose to cover the costs yourself. The price varies depending on the airfield you choose to jump from, but they range from £270-£340. This amount includes a £70 registration fee for us. Check our location pages to see exactly how much you’d be paying for each individual site.
  2. Or, you can choose to fundraise for a charity of your choice. You will need to fundraise £395 (or £450, again depending on the site you want to skydive from). This amount will cover all costs, so as long as you fundraise that amount, you can skydive for free. We have over 3,000 charities to choose from.

Just be aware that some airfields have certain additional costs (for example, if they’re able to offer skydiving for those weighing more than 16 stone). Our location pages detail these costs if they do apply. You’ll also be able to purchase videos or stills of your skydive – perfect to show your courage off to your friends and family.


Bridlington Airfield in East Yorkshire offer tandem. The jumps are available as FREE charity jumps!

Tandem Jump – £290

Minimum sponsorship target: £395

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Weight Limits & Facilities

  • All Other Jumps 15st
  • Tandem videos available at £80
  • Cafeteria serving hot and cold food
  • Open every Saturday and Sunday


Skyline offers Tandem skydiving courses and accelerated freefall (AFF) level 1 at the Brigg airfield in North Lincolnshire. Jump from up to 15,000ft on either the tandem jump or AFF. The jumps are available as FREE charity jumps!

Tandem Jump – £270

Minimum sponsorship target: £395

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Weight Limits & Facilities

  • Tandem 16st male and female
  • All Other Jumps 15st male and female
  • Get an edited DVD and still photographs of your tandem skydive for an extra £120 (£99 pre-booked) and capture your skydiving experience for ever.
  • Cafeteria serving hot and cold food
  • Free internet access and games room
  • Spectator viewing area
  • Open every day apart from Tuesdays

Our jump locations

With lots of skydiving centres across the UK, there is sure to be one near to you. Check the Prices and Locations page to find the airfield closest to you.

Prices & Locations