What better place than Cornwall to enjoy views of the southwest coastline from 10,000 feet in the sky? Travel to the very tip of the UK and get your first skydive ticked off your bucket list. Or, maybe you’re considering taking the jump for a charitable cause that’s close to your heart.
Skydiving is known to be an energiser for the mind, body and soul because of those few minutes spent seeing the world in a whole new light. As well as the obvious thrill, it can be mentally and physically cleansing.

You can skydive here for £320 which includes our £70 registration fee. Or, you can choose to fundraise £450 for a charity instead. As long as you raise £450, you can skydive for free. We have 3,000 charities that we work with so you can choose one that feels close to your heart.
The Cornwall airfield is open to skydivers on the weekends only. You should also be aware that you need to weigh 14 stone or less to skydive from this location.

Celebrate a special occasion

Have you got a significant birthday coming up – either your own or a partner’s, friend’s or family member’s? Or, you might be thinking about how to bring in an anniversary or you simply want to celebrate life? It can be an enlightening experience so sharing it with a loved one can be particularly special. We’re yet to jump with someone who has regretted it, so now is the time to take the plunge and get that skydive finally booked in.

Capture the moment

Skydiving in Cornwall – you could say it’s the ultimate bragging right. Not everyone you know would have the courage to take the plunge and fall from 10,000 feet in the sky. If you do want to show off to your friends and family (and so you should), you can purchase videos and stills which are available from £100.

How do I book?

Just head to the ‘BOOK NOW’ blue button at the top of our website to get your tandem skydive finally booked in.