Ever wanted to skydive out of a plane? Looking for somewhere close to Milton Keynes? We can help! Soar through the sky at 125mph and soak up the breathtaking views. No prior experience is needed as you will be attached to a professional instructor the whole time. You can jump for charity or jump for yourself, have a look at some of the locations close to Milton Keynes below.


Heading to Brackley or Cambridgeshire, experience the freefall from up to 13,000ft. Experiencing every thousand ft in about five seconds. At 5,000ft the canopy will deploy, and you will drift back to land.


Paying your own way? Brackley and Cambridgeshire offers this amazing experience for £300. Raising for charity you will be looking at a £395* minimum sponsorship target.

*Some charities ask for different targets, you can find out more by selecting your chosen charity here


Skydiving is an experience like no other and the instructor will be with you the whole way. You can do it for a charitable cause or just because you have always dreamed of skydiving. Whatever your reason is, you can tick it off your bucket list.


Only 45 minutes away via car, you can travel along the A421/A422 in the West direction in just 26 miles by car. The closest train station is Kings Sutton and then a 15 minute cab ride to the airfield.

Tandem Jump – £270

Minimum sponsorship target: £395

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Weight Limits & Facilities

  • Tandem 15st
  • Tandem videos available at £100 including stills
  • Cafeteria serving hot and cold food
  • Every day apart from Mondays


In just over an hour you will find the airfield by heading North in the car. Follow the A1 and A421 in only 47 miles. The closest train station is Peterborough and then a 20 minute cab ride to the airfield.

Tandem Jump – £295

AFF Level 1 Course – £430

Minimum sponsorship target: £395

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Weight Limits & Facilities

  • Maximum 15st 8 for males and 15st 6 for females. However, they do operate a strict weight to height ratio so please contact us at info@skylineevents.co.uk for more details.
  • Tandem videos available at £135
  • Cafeteria serving hot and cold food
  • Open every day apart from Mondays

Don’t fancy making the early start, enquire with us about a later arrival time.

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Our jump locations

With lots of skydiving centres across the UK, there is sure to be one near to you. Check the Prices and Locations page to find the airfield closest to you.

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