A skydive can be a truly enlightening experience that you’ll never forget. Many of our customers are those who are skydiving for their first time, wanting to do something for charity or to tick the first item off their bucket list. If that’s you, you won’t regret it.

You’ll be jumping off an aircraft and freefalling at speeds of 125mph, then gliding through the sky at slower speeds once the parachute has been released. It’s the opportunity of taking in views of the Earth at such heights that we find gives our jumpers a fresh perspective that they haven’t experienced before. This is why skydiving is known to feed mind, body and soul.

What the Lancaster airfield offers:

  • You will be securely strapped to your qualified instructor and jump together from 11,000 feet. This airfield does allow you to upgrade to a height of 15,000 feet (depending on availability on the day) for a surcharge of £25.
  • Lancaster is one of the more affordable airfields we work with. You can choose to skydive here for £285 and this includes our £70 registration fee. Or, you can choose to jump for free if you fundraise £395 for one of the choice of the 3,000+ charities we work with.
  • Please note that there are weight restrictions:
    13st female 5ft 9 and under, females 5ft 10 and over max 15st;
    Males max 17st (£20 surcharge per stone between 15-16st, £40 surcharge between 16-17st applies)
  • To remember your experience, you can purchase videos and stills of your skydive for £120.
  • This airfield is open all throughout the year (as long as weather permitting) on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.
  • It’s possible for females over 13st and under 5ft 10 to be able to participate subject to a risk assessment at the airfield

And finally, we want to let you know that while you’re in the air, you might find that nothing else in the world matters. Between leaving the aircraft and your feet touching the Earth, you’re truly free. Skydiving is the ultimate escapism, which is why we see people come back for more time and time again.