We offer tandem skydiving at the Brackley airfield for anyone who is ready to take the plunge and finally experience the exhilarating few minutes of freefalling through the sky at speeds of 125mph. So whether you’re considering skydiving for a charity close to you or just for yourself, we welcome all thrill-seekers.

How high can you skydive in Brackley?

A tandem skydive means that you’ll be safely attached to one of our qualified instructors and they will be doing all the work, just like they’ve done many times before. This means that your only responsibility is to focus on taking the whole experience in.

When you jump from the aircraft together, you’ll be at around 13,000 feet in the sky. You will freefall initially. Then when the parachute is released, you will begin to glide. At this point, you can really take in those scenic Oxfordshire views.

How much does it cost?

Your jump in Brackley will cost £300 (which includes our £70 registration fee). Or, you can choose to jump for free if you fundraise £395 for one of the 3,000+ charities we work with.

Skydiving is something special and an experience you’ll never forget. If you want a souvenir of your experience, you can purchase videos and stills of your jump – prices start at £120.

What else do I need to know about skydiving at Brackley?

You can skydive at Brackley every day of the week other than on Mondays, and at any point throughout the year as long as the weather is permitting. You will need to weigh 15 stone or less to jump at this location.

And finally, why?

People skydive for many reasons; to raise money for charity, to celebrate their 50th birthday or to prove something to themselves. Whatever the reason a skydive is on your bucket list, embrace that fear and get yourself booked in for your first or next jump. We’re here to help you every step of the way and make it happen.