So you are ready to take the jump! Well, we’re glad to have you here. Skyline Skydiving offer tandem skydiving at Cambridgeshire airfield for first-time skydivers wanting to take the jump for charity (or just for themselves) or experienced skydivers who have come back for more.

If you meet anyone who has jumped from an aircraft and soared back down to Earth, they might tell you that one of the benefits is that it can be mentally and physically cleansing. There is something about placing your life into the hands of a (highly qualified) stranger for those few precious moments. As you travel back down to the ground, you are completely focussed on that experience. Skydiving can help you reprogramme your mind and body as witnessing the world beneath you from such great heights can really help you see the world in a whole new light. Skydiving can really help give you perspective.

It truly is the adventure of a lifetime that can bring some excitement, empowerment and much-needed thrill into your life.

The Cambridgeshire airfield offers:

  • You can skydive at this location from 13,000 feet in the sky, while securely strapped to one of our qualified instructors. You will freefall at speeds of 125mph before parachuting and gliding to the ground in a number of minutes.
  • The cost to jump here is £300 and this includes our own £70 registration fee. Or, you can choose to fundraise £395 for a charity of your choice from the 3,000+ charities we are working with.
  • The Cambridgeshire airfield is really flexible for our skydivers – they are open Tuesday-Sunday and all year round as long as weather is permitting. Please note that you will need to weigh Maximum 15st 8 for males and 15st 6 for females  to skydive from this location.
    However, they do operate a strict weight to height ratio so please contact us at for more details.
  • You can pay an additional £110 for video footage of your skydive so you have something to remember your electrifying experience by. Plus, having completed a skydive absolutely gives you bragging rights – so having such great evidence of your experience to share with friends and family is a must.