Skydiving is our passion. Our tandem skydiving allows you to simply soar through the sky without having to do any of the work. You’ll hand over all responsibility to one of our qualified instructors who you’ll be strapped to securely before you jump together off the aircraft at a height of 10,000 feet in the sky. If you want to jump from that little bit higher up, the Old Sarum airfield allows you to jump from 15,000 (for a small additional cost).

Old Sarum airfield offers:

  • Jumps at 10,000 feet cost £280 which includes our registration fee of £70. You can choose to jump from 15,000 for an even longer freefall for an additional surcharge of £69. If you want to fundraise for a charity instead, you can skydive completely free-of-charge so long as you raise £395. We have a huge selection of more than 3,000 charities we work with that you can choose from, so you can fundraise for a cause that’s close to you.
  • Please note that to skydive at this location, you will need to weigh no more than 18 stone*
    *a surcharge of £10 will apply for every stone over 15-16st, £20 for 16-17st and £30 for 17-18st.
  • As a souvenir of your experience in the sky, you can purchase a video of your tandem skydive. Videos are available at:
    £119 – Handcam
    £169 – Freefall
    £209 – Both
  • This airfield is open all throughout the year (weather permitting) on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Most of our tandem skydivers will come to us wanting to do it for charity or to get it ticked off their bucket list, but once they go through it, we sometimes see them coming back for more.

People who love adrenaline-inducing experiences like sky diving talk about the addictive nature of them. That’s because of the serotonin that’s released when you jump. The endorphins last longer than just the jump, and afterwards, don’t be surprised if you crave experiences like it that give you the same natural high.